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Our Garden Rooms

At Belfast Garden Rooms we can design and build any type of garden room you may require, we have a completely bespoke service but we have some guidelines below to give our customers an idea of cost. If you have any special requirements or great ideas we would love to hear from you.

10Smaller Garden Rooms: 4m x 3m

Our smaller garden rooms are perfect for any household that has any limited space or is looking to have lower out lays. A lot of our smaller garden rooms are predominantly used for garden offices but we can design these for any use that you may have. We understand that with smaller garden rooms this may be down to limited space, because of this we can design your room to any shape to make sure the room flows with the surrounding landscape.   Our typical size for this garden room is 4m x 3m

                                                                        FROM £8,299

Medium Sized Garden Rooms: 5m x 4mOFFICE-Oviedo-CIMG0138-370x220

This is one of most popular options due to that added space for more room. We can create any type of garden room from this side including gyms, garden office or even just a nice added extra for the garden, the uses are limitless. Being quite spacious inside a lot of our customers do go for the option of having an en suite which we can provide as well.  Like all of our rooms all that is left to do when we leave is to add your furniture.

FROM £10,990


 17webLarger Sized Garden Rooms: 6m x 4m

Our larger sized garden rooms really have no limit to what they can be used for, a lot of our clients will use a partition wall to create multiple rooms. We have built rooms for accountants, personal gyms or just the luxurious room to relax in. As with all our rooms we will complete this from start to finish and all our customers have to do is decide where the furniture is going. No matter the size of the room we will always provide a free consultation to have a chat about your specific requirements.

                                                                        FROM £12,990

 Bespoke Garden Rooms0974_lo-res

We offer a complete bespoke service if your ideal garden room doesn’t fit into any of our layouts, from initial consultation to the completion of your garden room we will be able to take care of your project. Like any bespoke service this is 100% tailored to our clients and what they want, so please don’t be afraid of being experimental we love something unique.